Warsztat TestCamp 2019 - JMeter + OctoPerf [ENG]

Take part in JMeter + OctoPerf workshop - "Learn how to accelerate your JMeter test process using OctoPerf"

Długość szkolenia

8 h (1 dzień)

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Why is it worth taking part in the workshop?

Attendees will learn how to save a lot of time for their load testing compared with JMeter. They will also learn how to create realistic load test scenarios and get the best out of their testing.

If you want to learn how to accelerate your JMeter test process using OctoPerf - it is for you! All in all you will learn the the fundamentals of load testing using OctoPerf. You will get introduced to the key OctoPerf features. We will go through the installation process and then switch to creating some simple tests using test recorder and variables. Next we`ll jump into some more advanced features and create assertions for our tests. Afterall we`ll be able to talk about CI integration, reports and some common mistakes!

Warsztat TestCamp 2019 - JMeter + OctoPerf

TestCamp 2019 is the third edition of the free testing conference, which brings together Software Testers, Test Engineers and people interested in QA from all over Poland. During the event, we will talk, exchange knowledge and gain practical skills.

About workshops

Workshops are an integral part of the TestCamp Conference. This is a unique opportunity to gain practical skills and test them alongside the best specialists in the industry! The workshops are very popular among participants due to a solid dose of knowledge in a nutshell, but also an attractive price. After each workshop, the participant receives a certificate of participation.

Harmonogram szkolenia

  • Rozpoczęcie szkolenia

  • Load testing

    • General information
    • Challenges
    • OctoPerf
  • Preparation

    • Objectives
    • Environment
    • Test plan in OctoPerf
  • Simple design

    • Recording
    • Interface
    • Variables
  • Lunch break

  • Advanced design

    • Correlations
    • Logic actions
    • Assertions
  • Runtime

    • Runtime settings
    • On-premises
    • Jenkins integration
  • Analysis and reporting

    • Customization
    • Export report
    • Common mistakes
  • Zakończenie dnia

Terminy szkoleń

  • 13


Basic Package

399 PLN

Cena netto

  • learning how to put JMeter process on steroids using OctoPerf
  • trainer with many years of experience
  • lunch and coffee breaks
  • certificate of participation in the workshop
  • guaranteed place on the lecture day at the TestCamp 2019 conference

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Who is the workshop addressed to?

In terms of skill. It's dedicated to QA, Developers, Testers, Devops, whatever their profile and experience. OctoPerf is easy to learn so it will talk to everybody. Of course, if you know about JMeter then you will be more interesting for them.

What should I be able to take to the workshop?

It will be an asset if you know something about JMeter. 

What should I bring with me to the workshop?

You should take your laptop with you.

Nasi klienci

  • Samsung
  • eurobank
  • Provident
  • Explain everything
  • InsERT
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